I believe.

Feet all the way in, toes peeking out

Head back, heart first, hands tied, mind blind.

Love, a mute emotion. Sees no evil, hears no sin

Giver of happiness & peace of mind shared within

the soul.

The picture of joy, erasure of pain.

Unconditionally blind to the stain.

Numb to the knife,

Invisible sustenance of greater life.

The beginning of forever,

The goodbye to never.

The peace of hopeless romanticism.

The prize of released skepticism.

 Love, all the way in, no outs.

Faith in, doubts out.

Experienced full force, nothing held back.

Forever hoped for,

Physically attained within true belief.

The greater good of things hoped for,

The prize of things unseen.

 I believe.



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