Feed Your Joy!

Joy comes from a deep spiritual place within our core. Joy is more than a feeling; it is what our presence emulates when we are operating out of faith, love, and hope. It is my belief that happiness is situational, based on condition. Joy is that thing that allows us to smile through tears and dance through fears. Joy is a choice. A remarkable choice!
I can only speak from experience when saying that my level of joy is directly related to my connection to the Spirit within.  When I am fearful of my illusive creations that I deem out of my control, I tend to delve into sorrow—and all because of something that is not real. Marilyn Monroe said it best:
Fear is stupid.”
So how do we make sure that we are full of joy? We have to feed it. We first have to understand who we are as a contributor to the whole of the universe and feed into it. There is no greater joy than understanding our purpose and being able to share that with universe as effortlessly as we breathe. How do we feed our joy? Make the choice to be an active participant in life. We have to make the choice to live in faith rather than fear, love rather than hate, and hope rather than despair. We have to put ourselves in atmospheres that will contribute to the growth of what we choose to live in. It is easy to give our surroundings the ability to control our happiness, but we cannot let them take our joy.
Also very important to the nourishment of our joy is being in a state of complete emotional, physical, spiritual, and biochemical health. Of course the doctor is going to throw something about health in there. Yep! I sure did. Our state of health is a good indicator of where we stand in all four aspects. You see, as a doctor, I purpose to understand the root cause of dis-ease.  Are you in a defensive posture because of stress? Are you fearful of illusions that you believe as reality? How is your connection with the Creator of the Universe? Are you empty because you lack hope? These things manifest in all forms of dis-ease. These things, when left unhandled over time, will break your physical body down. The nervous system is the best communicator of how the body is adapting as means to survive. It is the master control system of the body and expresses the inside Spirit to the outside world and vice versa. Your body was built with omniscience to adapt and survive. Feed your joy, not your illusive fear!
Today, feed your joy. Do that tomorrow as well. You know what, do that everyday! When it becomes hard, when circumstances control your happiness, evaluate what you are feeding your Spirit and soul, then consciously choose to manifest joy. Let it flow through you as you serve the universe with your vibratory force. We are all connected; your joy is contagious! Feed your joy.


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